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A Romance With Violence

Oh man. I’ve been obsessing over Wayfarer for years and I can’t believe I’ve never tried to write a thing about them. Before you dive in, it’s proper niche stuff - black metal meets doom metal meets post metal meets cowboys.

The Three Body Problem Cixin Liu

Read this one a little while ago but fell out of the rhythm of writing things down. I read a blog recently from HN that made the point that instead of endlessly obsessing over getting something perfect the better alternative is to just write something shorter and to the point.

A Wizard of Earthsea

I broadly stay away from the fantasy genre in fiction because in my limited experience it tends to all add up to the same thing: a bleak, endless tapestry of anguish and torment sans reprieve - like Game of Thrones.

12 Rules for Life

Jordan Peterson has become something of an anti-hero in modern woke culture, ostensibly through his refusal to bow to trans folks' demands to refer to them by a series of invented pronouns according to their preference.

Sam Harris Making Sense Podcast 163, with Ricky Gervais

I make no effort to hide the fact that I think Sam Harris is brilliant, and I’m more than happy to bend anyone’s ear about why if they’re unsure.

On Having No Head

Meditation has been a topic that’s interested me for a while. I think it was probably Sam Harris who first brought it to my serious attention through his (as was) “Waking Up Podcast” - now “Making Sense Podcast”.