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The Three Body Problem Cixin Liu

Read this one a little while ago but fell out of the rhythm of writing things down. I read a blog recently from HN that made the point that instead of endlessly obsessing over getting something perfect the better alternative is to just write something shorter and to the point.

3 Weeks Off Work

It’s the night before I go back to work following 3 weeks off. The original plan was that I’d have been back from 3 weeks in Singapore and Australia about now, but obviously The ‘Rona has put paid to that.

A Wizard of Earthsea

I broadly stay away from the fantasy genre in fiction because in my limited experience it tends to all add up to the same thing: a bleak, endless tapestry of anguish and torment sans reprieve - like Game of Thrones.

12 Rules for Life

Jordan Peterson has become something of an anti-hero in modern woke culture, ostensibly through his refusal to bow to trans folks' demands to refer to them by a series of invented pronouns according to their preference.

On Having No Head

Meditation has been a topic that’s interested me for a while. I think it was probably Sam Harris who first brought it to my serious attention through his (as was) “Waking Up Podcast” - now “Making Sense Podcast”.

The Secret Barrister

The idea of reading an overview and teardown of the British judicial system sounds like it might be amongst the most niche forms of self-flagellation one might explore, but the author’s Twitter presence convinced me that this wasn’t going to be an arid, academic exercise in pedantry, so I gave it a shot.