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Jul 10, 2019 3 min read


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This has sat as a test post for a while whilst I figured out how to make a blog using Hugo and Github Pages. The fact that this has taken me as long as it has only serves to demonstrate to me how I seem to be losing grasp of technology. Sure, I get there in the end, but reading the tutorials seemed to be suggesting I could get this set up whilst my breakfast was toasting.

That said, as I delved into tutorials and videos it did seem that whilst this software is excellent at obfuscating the behind-the-scenes stuff, there aren’t many people that really understand it as evidenced by how many of them seem to be winging it.

But then I realise, maybe, that having the ability to wing it is probably all it takes to fight most tech today.

I’ve previously blogged about infosec, but that tends to bore me nowadays. The reality of infosec versus the perception, or the intention, is something I don’t feel like whitewashing anymore. If you want to read some of my previous infosec musings they’re on Security Bytes or my old blog. Perhaps I’ll spend some time calling out some of the unspoken truths about infosec. That might be fun. Or cathartic.

I’ve also considered that this might be my personal alternative to social media. I have an abusive relationship with social media, in general. I realised I was unable to tolerate the flagrant abuse of Facebook any longer and so deleted my account there a long time ago. That one was easy, as it turns out. I don’t miss it at all. Twitter, on the other hand, I find moves in cycles in my head. Sometimes I manage to maintain some level of irreverence around it and use it like Jack wants to pretend everyone does - for finding out what’s happening and ‘being part of the conversation’. But as that veneer wears off I quickly find the Emperor has no clothes and see Twitter as a hate-fuelled, rabble-rousing, race to the bottom that rewards outrage, sub-division, and mob justice. And so I delete everything I ever tweeted, go into hiding for a while, and wait for my malaise to pass over. Only during this latest down cycle I haven’t felt the pull to return yet.

There is also my perrenial desire to rediscover my previously-held love of learning. I can pinpoint where that died (maybe I’ll blog about that one day), but the sad truth is that I haven’t been able to get back on the learning horse for quite some time. One thing this might become is a directory of tutorials for things I’ve learned how to do. That’d be nice, but I’m not committing to anything..

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