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Hostnames With Unifi Networks

For what has seemed like months I’d been plagued with rogue hostnames hitting my network devices and I’d struggled to track it down…until today. I was putting together a really hacky solution to a weird problem ages ago and set a hostname on a Raspberry Pi to be its IP address concatenated with the device name.

Whats Playing September 2019

Tool, Inter Arma, Pyramids, and SVIIB on heavy rotation right now. Here are the mini-reviews ahead of my maybe publishing a full review at a later date once I’ve made my mind up.

A Wizard of Earthsea

I broadly stay away from the fantasy genre in fiction because in my limited experience it tends to all add up to the same thing: a bleak, endless tapestry of anguish and torment sans reprieve - like Game of Thrones.

12 Rules for Life

Jordan Peterson has become something of an anti-hero in modern woke culture, ostensibly through his refusal to bow to trans folks’ demands to refer to them by a series of invented pronouns according to their preference.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Discussed on the podcast Very Bad Wizards a while back, this is an uncomfortable short story with indirect but clear parallels to the world today.

Goodbye, Guardian

Mainstream media, primarily print media, has been very visibly struggling for a long time at the hands of the Internet. I’d written it off as an anachronism and for the most part celebrated the demise of trash journalism.