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Goodbye, Guardian

Mainstream media, primarily print media, has been very visibly struggling for a long time at the hands of the Internet. I’d written it off as an anachronism and for the most part celebrated the demise of trash journalism.

Sam Harris Making Sense Podcast 163, with Ricky Gervais

I make no effort to hide the fact that I think Sam Harris is brilliant, and I’m more than happy to bend anyone’s ear about why if they’re unsure.

On Raising Kids

I quite often find myself torn over how much entertainment to prescribe for my kids. I remember as a kid that entertainment was “going playing out”.

On Having No Head

Meditation has been a topic that’s interested me for a while. I think it was probably Sam Harris who first brought it to my serious attention through his (as was) “Waking Up Podcast” - now “Making Sense Podcast”.

The Secret Barrister

The idea of reading an overview and teardown of the British judicial system sounds like it might be amongst the most niche forms of self-flagellation one might explore, but the author’s Twitter presence convinced me that this wasn’t going to be an arid, academic exercise in pedantry, so I gave it a shot.

Stranger Things 3

I will post no spoilers here. Difficult to know where to begin with this one. It’s an uneven mix of compelling character drama, action thriller, 80’s nostalgia, and sci-fi and it deals with each of these things very differently and with different levels of success.